International dialcodes or world numberplan

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International dialcodes or world numberplan

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International dial codes sorted by first digit

This is a list of country calling codes defined by ITU-T recommendations E.123 and E.164, also called IDD (International Direct Dialling) or ISD (International Subscriber Dialling) codes.

The dial plan of a telephone network designates an international dialing prefix of dialcode, which must be dialed before the country calling code, in order to select access to the international circuits of the network. The prefix is specific to the country from which the caller is dialing, but often it is 00 or 011. Generally, as in the list below, the need for this prefix is specified with a plus sign (+) before the country code. dialcodes

other terms:

  • world numberingplan
  • world numberplan
  • international diallist
  • dialcodelist
  • international prefixlist


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